Overstock Windows

Current In Stock Inventory

  • A number search does a range of 2 inches
    • eg. 50 will yield results from 48 to 52
    • NOTE: Both width & height searched
  • You can search by type or colour too!
  • Click the orange buttons to sort all current results
  • To view the entire inventory, make sure the search bar is clear.


3LS = Three Lite Slider
AWN = Awning (bottom cranks out)
CAS = Casement (side cranks out)
DHT = Double Hung Tilt
SHT = Single Hung Tilt
ST = Slider Tilt (both sides slide)
SSL = Single Slider Lift


FX = Fixed (non operating)
Hop = Hopper (top cranks out)
Unit = Multiple Windows Coupled Together
BM = Brickmould
JE = Jamb Extention
RHH = Right Hand Hinge
LHH = Left Hand Hinge